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Sprinkler Professionals in Waxhaw & surrounding areas

Settling on a sprinkler system may seem like a straightforward task, but with different water delivery systems depending on your needs and water consumption it can actually become a bit complicated. Thankfully, Landscape Carolina has years of experience handling the installation, reparation and maintenance of Waxhaw’s residential and commercial sprinkler systems. If you’re in the market for a sprinkler, we’ve got what you need!

Which System is Best For You?

Setting up a good sprinkler system is about more than figuring out where to place each individual unit. There are a few important things to consider when you’re trying to settle on which type of system is best for you.

First, what it is you’re trying to water. Is it your lawn? Individual plants in your garden? Shrubs and trees? All of the above? Whatever it is, Landscape Carolina’s experienced sprinkler technicians have the system for you.

Environmentally-conscious Sprinkler Systems

Water-efficient sprinkler systems are becoming more and more important in today’s climate. Landscape Carolina is keenly aware of this reality, and has been working hard over the years to provide Waxhaw with sprinkler systems that deliver excellent results with minimal water use. Landscape Carolina is proud to offer a variety of sprinkler systems that don’t waste water, and are more environmentally-conscious. Ask us about those systems today!

We would also be happy to provide you with some water saving tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years. For example, because of Waxhaw’s climate, it makes sense to schedule your sprinkler system to release water in the early morning or evening, when temperatures are cooler. This way, less water is lost to evaporation, meaning you save money and the planet!

The Grass is Greener on Waxhaw’s & surrounding areas Side, Thanks to Landscape Carolina

We know how hard people work to achieve a beautiful green lawn, and at Landscape Carolina our goal is to make that lawn a bit easier to get! With our state of the art sprinkler systems, the grass truly is greener on Waxhaw’s side.

Give us a call today, and we’ll have get your lawn in shape in no time flat!